analytics help FUNCTION
    analytics manual SERVICE
    analytics codegen function FILENAME --service=NAME
    analytics codegen sklearn MODEL --service=NAME
    analytics server start --service=NAME
    analytics server stop SERVICE [--service=NAME] [--cloud=CLOUD]
    analytics file put SERVICE FILENAME [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT]
    analytics file list SERVICE [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT]
    analytics file get SERVICE FILENAME [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT]
    analytics file run SERVICE PARAMETERS... FILENAME [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT] [-v]
    analytics run SERVICE PARAMETERS... [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT] [-v]
    analytics SERVICE [--cloud=CLOUD] [--port=PORT] [-v]

This command manages the cloudmesh analytics server on the given cloud.
If the cloud is not spified it is run on localhost

    --cloud=CLOUD  The name of the cloud as specified in the
                    cloudmesh.yaml file

    --dir=DIR      The directory in which the service is to be
                   placed [default=./build]

    --port=PORT    The port of the service [default=8000]

    --host=HOST    The hostname to run this server on

    --service=NAME   The name of the service (should than not just
                        be name?)


    SERVICE  the name of the service
    PARAMETERS  the PARAMETERS to be send toy the service



   cms analytics manual LinearRegression
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   cms analytics help sklearn.linear_model.LinearRegression