windows check

This command is intended to check if your windows set up is
correctly done.

    This program is supposed to be implemented. It is at this
    time just a template


Checks we do

   1. are you running python 3.8.2 or newer
   2. are you having the newest version of pip
   3. is cl installed
   4. is nmake installed
   5. is the username without spaces

Checks that are missing or need implemented

   6. are you running in a vnenv
   7. is the default mongo port used
   8. do you have docker installed
   9. do you have vbox installed
  10. is hyperv switched on or off
  11. how much memory do you have
  12. do you have free diskspace
  13. are containers running
  14. .... other tyings that can help us debug your environment