Cloudmesh Local Compute and Storage

  • This is a miniproject

  • This project can also be taken as an independent study or as part of the Cloud Engineering class however additional work is required as part of another project or miniprojects.


In this project you will be developing cloudmesh commands, API’s and services to simulate a cloud on your local machine or any other machine that is reachable via the ip address.

You will be implementing a cloudmesh compute and storage provider. This will help for debugging purposes to other projects if now cloud is available.


Basic knowledge of python or a programming language as all programming is done in python. Python is easy to learn.


very easy: This is a very easy project. Hence it is classified as miniproject.


  • Working cms command, API, and service

  • check-ins into GitHub by all team members. If only one team member checks in all other team members will not get credit.

  • Possible collaboration with other teams that work on clouds to jointly identify how pricing information can be identified.

  • This project must use AWS, Azure, and Google information

  • You must use the parallel ssh available in cloudmesh.common.Host. You will enhance this to enable scp also.

  • You will be defining extensive pytests for this and other functionality. See the for an example