Cloudmesh Frugal

  • This project can also be taken as an independent study or as part of the Cloud Engineering class


In this project you will be developing cloudmesh commands, API’s and services to allow identification of the cheapest cloud option for execution virtual machines, volumes, and other services.

Cloudmesh already includes information about vm pricing for AWS. You will be extending this feature for other clouds such as AWS and Azure. You will be exploring what other price information is available.

As the performance may be different between the systems, you will also develop a benchmark framework, that measures the price of the actual executed programs, services, and data movement so that the price can be related to performance data.


Basic knowledge of python or a programming language as all programming is done in python. Python is easy to learn. Access to the clouds. Knowledge of beautiful soup and numpy is of advantage but can be obtained throughout the project.


moderate: Obtaining price information may have to be done through Web scraping. We provided an example for AWS sizes. You will be identifying a mechanism for finding prices from clouds. You will design a specification template that lets users project estimated costs for their application. Benchmarking may be moderately more difficult than scraping


  • Working cms command, API, and service

  • Check-ins into GitHub by all team members. If only one team member checks in all other team members will not get credit.

  • Possible collaboration with other teams that work on clouds to jointly identify how pricing information can be identified.

  • This project must use AWS, Azure, and Google information