Cloudmesh Graphical User Interface

  • This project can also be taken as an independent study or as part of the Cloud Engineering class


In this project, you will be developing a graphical user interface for cloudmesh based on Electron. You will be focusing on first displaying the information available in the cloudmesh database. This includes information from clouds about

  • images

  • flavors

  • virtual machines

  • keys

  • security groups

You will also develop a convenient registration form that dynamically creates a form for including credentials from the various clouds based on the cloudmesh configuration file. For

  • virtual machines

  • keys

  • security groups

uploading new information including starting new vms is required. The clouds we consider are

  • openstack

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Google


This project is easy for those with javascript experience. We will not consider other GUI frameworks. If you however find a better one, please discuss with us first.


easy - moderate: This is an easy project as in theory you will only need minimal access to the cloud while making sure you obtain information for each of the data types, which can either be obtained from cloudmesh or can be found in the code base where examples are posted.


  • Working code

  • Video documenting the use of the GUI

    • showcasing image, flavor, and vm interactions

    • showcasing registration for clouds

  • check-ins into GitHub by all team members. If only one team member checks in all other team members will not get credit.


A previous code is available in

However this code uses Graphql, we like to convert it to use MongoDB and improve. A sample image of the dashboard is shown next



More images can be found in the README