ssh config list [--output=OUTPUT]
    ssh config add NAME IP [USER] [KEY]
    ssh config delete NAME
    ssh host delete NAME
    ssh host add NAME
    ssh [--name=VMs] [--user=USERs] [COMMAND]

  NAME        Name or ip of the machine to log in
  list        Lists the machines that are registered and
              the commands to login to them
  PARAMETERS  Register te resource and add the given
              parameters to the ssh config file.  if the
              resource exists, it will be overwritten. The
              information will be written in /.ssh/config

   -v                verbose mode
   --output=OUTPUT   the format in which this list is given
                     formats includes cat, table, json, yaml,
                     dict. If cat is used, it is just printed as
                     is. [default: table]
   --user=USERs      overwrites the username that is
                     specified in ~/.ssh/config
   --name=CMs        the names of the VMS to execute the
                     command on

    ssh config list
        lists the hostsnames that are present in the
        ~/.ssh/config file

    ssh config add NAME IP [USER] [KEY]
        registers a host i ~/.ssh/config file
        Parameters are attribute=value pairs
        Note: Note yet implemented

    ssh [--name=VMs] [--user=USERs] [COMMAND]
        executes the command on the named hosts. If user is
        specified and is greater than 1, it must be specified for
        each vm. If only one username is specified it is used for
        all vms. However, as the user is typically specified in the
        cloudmesh database, you probably do not have to specify
        it as it is automatically found.


     ssh config add blue blue

         Adds the following to the !/.ssh/config file

         Host blue
              User blue
              IdentityFile ~/.ssh/