inventory add NAMES [--label=LABEL]
    inventory set NAMES ATTRIBUTE to VALUES
    inventory delete NAMES
    inventory clone NAMES from SOURCE
    inventory list [NAMES] [--format=FORMAT] [--columns=COLUMNS]
    inventory info


  NAMES     Name of the resources (example i[10-20])

  FORMAT    The format of the output is either txt,
            yaml, dict, table [default: table].

  OWNERS    a comma separated list of owners for this resource

  LABEL     a unique label for this resource

  SERVICE   a string that identifies the service

  PROJECT   a string that identifies the project

  SOURCE    a single host name to clone from

  COMMENT   a comment


   -v       verbose mode


      add -- adds a resource to the resource inventory

      list -- lists the resources in the given format

      delete -- deletes objects from the table

      clone -- copies the content of an existing object
               and creates new once with it

      set   -- sets for the specified objects the attribute
               to the given value or values. If multiple values
               are used the values are assigned to the and
               objects in order. See examples

      map   -- allows to set attributes on a set of objects
               with a set of values


  cms inventory add x[0-3] --service=openstack

      adds hosts x0, x1, x2, x3 and puts the string
      openstack into the service column

  cms inventory lists

      lists the repository

  cms inventory x[3-4] set temperature to 32

      sets for the resources x3, x4 the value of the
      temperature to 32

  cms inventory x[7-8] set ip 128.0.0.[0-1]

      sets the value of x7 to
      sets the value of x8 to

  cms inventory clone x[5-6] from x3

      clones the values for x5, x6 from x3