register list [--service=SERVICE] [--kind=KIND]
    register list sample --kind=KIND [--service=SERVICE]
    register remove --kind=KIND [--service=SERVICE] [--name=NAME]
    register update --kind=KIND [--service=SERVICE]

    This command adds the registration information in the cloudmesh
    yaml file. A FILENAME can be passed along that contains
    credential information downloaded from the cloud. The
    permissions of the FILENAME will also be changed. A y/n question
    will be asked if the file with the FILENAME should be deleted
    after integration. This helps that all credential information
    could be managed with the cloudmesh.yaml file.

    FILENAME    a filename in which the cloud credentials are stored
    ATTRIBUTES  Attribute list to replace if json file is not
                provided. Attributes will override the values from
                file if both are used.
    SERVICE     service type e.g: compute, storage, volume etc.
    KIND        kind that needs to be registered. E.g: aws, google,
                azure etc.
                Multiple kind might be supported by same cloud
                service provider.

    --keep               keeps the file with the filename.
    --dryrun             option to just display the formatted sample
                         without updating the cloudmesh.yaml file.
    --filename=FILENAME  json filename containing the details to be
    --service=SERVICE    service type e.g. storage,cloud,volume etc.
    --name=NAME          name for the registration to use to add,
                         update or remove.
    --kind=KIND          kind that you want to register e.g: google,
                         aws, azure.


    cms register list
        List all services and related kinds that can be registered.

    cms register list --service=cloud
        List the supported kinds for given cloud service type.

    cms register list sample --kind=google --service=cloud
        Display the sample entry google cloud. It also lists all
        attributes that are needed to successfully register for
        the given kind and service.

    cms remove --kind=google --service=cloud --name=mygoogle
        Remove the cloudmesh.yaml for google cloud registered with
        name mygoogle. If name attribute is not provided, the name
        is defaulted to kind i.e. google in this example.

    cms register update --kind=google --service=compute --filename=
        Add or update the cloudmesh.yaml entry for google
        cloud/compute type with replaceable attributes provided in
        the json file.
        In this example the values for credential filename,
        project_id, and client_email will be changed to respective
        values from google compute sample. We assume you have
        downloaded the service account credentials form google cloud.