set list
  set clear
  set delete NAME
  set NAME

  NAME      the name of the set variable
  VALUE     the value of the set variable
  FILENAME  the filename of the set variable

  Manage persistent set variables

     sets the set variable with the name to the value
     if the value is one of data, time, now it will be
     replaced with the value at this time, the format will be
      date    2017-04-14
      time    11:30:33
      now     2017-04-14 11:30:41
  It will wbe replaced accordingly

  The value can also refer to another setiable name.
  In this case the current value will be copied in the named
  setiable. As we use the $ sign it is important to distinguish
  shell set variables from cms setiables while using proper quoting.

  Examples include:

     cms set a=$b
     cms set 'a=$b'
     cms set a=val.b

  The previous command copy the value from b to a. The val command
  was added to avoid quoting.

  A special variable is the variable verbose. It results in additional
  debug output. The following values apply

     0 - no additional output
    10 - most visible.
         Prints all arguments from commands