Documentation Management

To increase the readability of the documentation we ask you to try to use 80 character line limits if possible. You can install the plugin Wrap to Column

This is important for a better editing experience. With the functions Edit-Wrap Line to column or Edit-Wrap Line to paragraph` that are assigned to keyboard shortcuts such as CONTROL-SHIFT-COMMAND-W or CONTROL-SHIFT-COMMAND-P

Alternatively, we recommend using emacs fro line wrapping as it provides with Esc-q a build-in tool.

All of the documentation is in the cloudmesh-manual repository which is automatically cloned when installing the cloudmesh using cloudmesh-installer The documentation source files are located in docs-source folder inside the cloudmesh-manual repository.

It’s very important to build the documentation locally and test the modifications before pushing them to the remote. To build the documentation locally you first, make sure that the proper virtual environment is activated, then make sure that you have a cloudmesh.yaml file in the path ~/.cloudmesh/cloudmehs.yaml. Please follow the cloudmesh install instructions for a developer. Then you need to install the requirements and make the documentation:

cd cloudmesh-manual
pip install -r requirements.txt
make clean  # cleans up the documentation
make manual # creates the manual pages
make view   # views the documentation

In case you do not develop new commands with manual page changes, you can in subsequent calls say make doc. Please note that rst and md files are allowed as a documentation format.