Virtual Directory

The virtual directory has been developed to mirror the Linux directory commands. File links in the virtual directory point to files on storage providers, which can be retrieved using the virtual directory.

The credentials for the virtual directory are the same as for the admin mongo command. See the Mongo section for details.


The vdir command can be tested as follows:

$ pytest -v --capture=no tests/

Google drive

The Google Drive API needs the following two 2 credentials files. * client_secret.json * google-drive-credentials.json

If we run the Google Drive for the First time then the required keys, tokens are taken from the cloudmesh.yaml file and creates a client_secret.json file in the following path ~/.cloudmesh/gdrive/

The creates a .credentials folder under the following path ~/.cloudmesh/gdrive/ if it does not exist and creates a google-drive-credentials.json file under the following folder ~/.cloudmesh/gdrive/.credentials/

So, for the First time browser will be opened up automatically and asks for the Google Drive(gmail) credentials i.e., login email and password. If you provide these 2 then the Authentication step is completed and then it will create the google-drive-credentials.json and place it in ~/.cloudmesh/gdrive/.credentials/ folder.

These steps are to be followed for the first time or initial run. Once it is done then our program is set. After these steps then the program will run automatically by using these credentials stored in the respective files.


The Google Drive API accepts these 2 files in the form of .json file format and not in the form of a dictionary.