Cloudmesh Namespace

Cloudmesh uses the python package namespace feature to allow the definition of plugins to cloudmesh in different packages maintained in different files and directories.

This is an important feature as it allows us to have contributions developed for cloudmesh by different developers.

At this time we support the namespace cloudmesh and any module developed with the cloudmesh command generator can be installed into this namespace. The command generator simply creates a template for a plugin with the needed setup, requirements file, and code template to be able to be installed with pip.

You create a new plugin with:

mkdir cloudmesh-mycommand
cd cloudmesh-mycommand
cms sys command generate mycommand .

Notice the dot at the end. This will generate a directory such as:

├── Makefile
├── cloudmesh
│   ├──
│   └── mycommand
│       ├──
│       ├──
│       ├── api
│       │   ├──
│       │   └──
│       └── command
│           ├──
│           └──
├── requirements-dev.txt
├── requirements.txt
├── setup.cfg

Important is that it includes a file cloudmesh/command/ which you can modify and use to create your own mycommand plugin.

However, mycommand must not be an existing cloudmesh command which you can find out by using the cms help function and communicate with Gregor von Laszewski to verify that the command is not already taken.

How to create and design commands are discussed in the cmd5 manual pages. When you look at the generated command you will see it is very simple.