We are working on a number of development projects. Instead of just providing a single project, we decided to split the development up into smaller subprojects. This allows the groups to work independently and avoids the problem that a compile error in one code causes an issue in another. All projects listed here are managed in github.

Image Project Description Source
image-arch Cloudmesh Core A project to interface easily with multiple clouds from the command line and a command shell. github, doc
image-cmd3 CMD3 A dynamic CMD shell with plugins, scripts, and variables and IEEE compliant man pages github, doc
image-rain Rain A project to do bare metal and VM based dynamic provisioning for a HPC cluster, OpenStack, Eucalyptus. github doc
  Rain-Move An extension to rain that allows to move resources between different IaaS, Bare metal, and HPC services. github, doc
image-teefaa Teefaa A project to dynamically provision operating systems. github, doc
image-metric Cloud-Metrics A project to measure and display metric information about usage and utilization of your cloud. github, doc github Example
image-vcluster Virtual-Cluster A project to create a SLURM based cluster in your cloud and run MPI jobs on it. github, doc
image-portal Portal A project to do develop a portal for the project www github