The sys command to manage the cmd5 distribution

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The system command

class cloudmesh.sys.command.sys.SysCommand


The system command

do_sys(self, args, arguments)

sys upload sys commit MESSAGE sys command generate NAME [.] sys generate command NAME [.] sys version VERSION

This command does some useful things.


MESSAGE the message to commit NAME the command to generate VERSION the version number


specify the file


cms sys command generate NAME

When you execute this command it will generate a directory tree for a command with the name


To install the command you need to

cd cloudmesh-NAME pip install -e .


pip install .

cms sys generate command NAME . cms sys command generate NAME .

the code will be installed in the current directory. This is helpful, if you already are in a directory fof the name cloudmesh-NAME, e.g. if you already created it in github and like to add a command in that github directory.

The commands ‘version’, ‘commit’ and ‘upload’ are only to be used by Gregor.

cms version

The version command adds a new version to the VERSION file for cmd5, common, and sys. This helps to keep the versions aligned across these modules.

cms commit

The commit command adds a new version and commits

cms upload

The upload command uploads the new version to pypi