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class cloudmesh.admin.command.admin.AdminCommand


do_admin(self, args, arguments)

admin mongo install [–brew] [–download=PATH] [–nosudo] [–docker] [–dryrun] [–force] admin mongo create admin mongo status admin mongo stats admin mongo version admin mongo start admin mongo stop admin mongo backup FILENAME admin mongo load FILENAME admin mongo security admin mongo password PASSWORD admin mongo list [–output=OUTPUT] admin mongo ssh admin mongo mode [MODE] admin status admin system info

The admin command performs some administrative functions, such as installing packages, software and services. It also is used to start services and configure them.


FILENAME the filename for backups


specify the file


Mongo DB

MongoDB is managed through a number of commands.

The configuration is read from ~/.cloudmesh/cloudmesh.yaml

First, you need to create a MongoDB database with

cms admin mongo create

Second, you need to start it with

cms admin mongo start

Now you can interact with it to find out the status, the stats, and the database listing with the commands

cms admin mongo status cms admin mongo stats cms admin mongo list

To stop it from running use the command

cms admin mongo stop

System information about your machine can be returned by

cms admin system info

This can be very useful in case you are filing an issue or bug.

The command

cms admin mongo ssh

is only supported for docker and allows for debugging to login to the running container. This function may be disabled in future.

admin mongo mode native

switches configuration file to use native mode

admin mongo mode running

switches the configuration to use running mode