Cloudmesh Client Toolkit

The cloudmesh client toolkit is a lightweight client interface of accessing heterogeneous clouds, clusters, and workstations right from the users computer. The user can manage his own set of resources he would like to utilize. Thus the user has the freedom to customize their cyber infrastructure they use. Cloudmesh client includes an API, a commandline client, and a commandline shell. It strives to abstract backends to databases that are used to manage the workflow utilizing the different infrastructure and also the services. Switching for example to stage virtual machines from openstack clouds to amazon is as simple as specifying the name of the cloud. Moreover, cloudmesh client can be installed on Linux, MacOSX, and even Windows. Currently we support backends to SLURM, SSH, Openstack, Heat. In the past we supported AWS and Azure. We are in the process of integrating them back into the client.

This documentation and code is available on github at:



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