Cloudmesh provides a convenient interface to baremetal access of resources and to provision services on these bare metal resources. We term this concept rain.

Rain is integrated into the cloudmesh UI through a role based access control mechanism allowing either specific users or specific projects to gain access. Furthermore, users and projects can be restricted in which reosurces the users have access to. This is of special importance to be able to conduct successive experiments on the exact same resources.

Although we can enable a scheduler based interface to bare metal provisioning, the our current rol based, resource reserveration provides the user with more access to specific experiment setups.

The following provisioning conccepts are important and are included in rain

Baremetal:bare metal provisioning provides the ability to provisin an OS directly on the server.
Service:services can be dynamically provisioned either via bare metal or IaaS provisioning.
Platform:A combination of bare metal, IaaS, and service provisioning may provide users with a platform. Instead of users needing to put together such a platform, they can benefit from previous instantiations and templates developed by others.