A Survey of Online PaaS Frameworks and Clouds in support of Big Data


Online PaaS frameworks have recently changed the way many coorporations and reserach projects conduct deployments and software development.


In this project you will be providing a {bf extensive} and {em high quality scholarly survey and review of various Online PaaS frameworks. As we do not yet know if this project results in a suffcient content for a paper, we assume the right to refocus the paper as we go. This project will be conducted in co-authorship with Gregor von Laszewski. The document will be using Word. References must be maintained in endnote or Mendeley. Alternatively the paper can be written in LaTeX. If possible Microsoft Live will be used to share the document.

This project is not an easy project as we expect more than just a summary, but an evaluation or guidance section that identifies advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches. It may be necessary to test some of the systems out. This may include hosting companies that offer DevOps support services.

Details will be discussed in our meetings in this project. Multiple students can participate in the project, but responsibilities will be clearly identified.

The authors will not plagearuise. There will be a kick of meeting with the students that select this project. We anticipate the maximum number of students will be three. If more students sign up we may identify a or additional topics to write an additional paper.

Example of possible useful Technologies for this Project


  • Scholarly paper
  • Report written in IEEE format in LaTeX or Word
  • Original images used in the report
  • To make citation of scholarly work easier we not only recommend but require that you use a bibliography management tool such as endnote, Mandaley for word or bibtex for LaTex. In case of MS Word, if you do not have access to endnote, please use the build in citation manager from Word. In case of bibtex, you can also use jabref.

Optional Artifacts

Experience reports from using online frameworks.