Author Name Disambiguation for Bibliometric Data


It is common to evaluate authorsship with common metrics such as h-index, g-index, i-index and other similar metrics. However, these metrics assume that an author can be identified without ambiguity. Hence, it is importamt that bibliometric databases contain correct information and distinguish between various authors. However, this may be a difficult problem in practice as different databases use different auther identifieres. Furthermore authors may even have same names and same institutions. In other cases we find that authors have changed their lastnames. Even if the databases are currated by authors, those that do not participate in the curration step will presenta challange in leading to an accurate database. All this contributes to a situation in which it is challanging to gurantee accuracy.


Develop a framework that addresses issues in the author disambiguity problem. First start with a brief literature review and identify various solutions conducted for example by IEEE, Google, Microsoft, Research Gate, cite seer, and others. Find a literature review that may even use full text analysis.

Identify a solution that you chose whch could be a combination of approaches. Demonstarte your solution and identify the issue based on data you obtain from the XSEDE database (provided under limitetd distribution rights to you) and other data sources that are freely available such as from IEEE, and others.

Develop a statistical method that provides a confidence interval showing the likelyhood of papers written by an outhor with the same name (note the name could be incomplete or even misspelled) are the same. Do the same if you find an author that has actually changed its name. Test your algorithm on a large database of users and provide a histogram about how good your algorithm performs. Identify potential categories of good and bad performing entries and discuss the result.

Prior work:



Example of possible useful Technologies for this Project

  • graphdb
  • neo4j
  • Apache Giraph
  • mongodb
  • d3.js
  • sql
  • REST


  • Working program
  • Detailed instalation instructions
  • Easy to use install program using DevOps
  • Integration of the instalation into a cloudmesh command
  • Report written in IEEE format in LaTeX or Word
  • Original images used in the report
  • To make citation of scholarly work easier we recommend that you use a bibliography management tool such as endnote for word or bibtex for LaTex. In case of MS Word, if you do not have access to endnote, please use the build in citation manager from Word.

Note that the reference of previous work is neither a statement for good or bad work of that project. There is always something one can improve.

Optional Artifacts

Develop a rest service that given two publications and an authorname, that returns if the authors are identical. Return also the likelyhood.

This is a minor modification to the above and provides just a rest interface to your work.