Shell Scripts

Often shells are used to interact with computers n the command line. they provide convenient access to a number of commands and functionality that makes interactive experiments through a series of command possible. Shells are interpreters that provide a minimal environment to allow easy scripting of commands as part of schell scripts. Features that are of the used are aliasses, command definition, function, and clearly batch operations by listing commands sequentially in a shell script. Programming language features such as loops and conditions are also provided.

As shell scripts are executed as part of the OS no further install is necessary to run them.

However in contrast to modern programming languages and interpreters some functionality is missing. Also large amount of shell scripts become quite difficult to maintain due to the lack of more modern programming language features.

Therefor it is today common to use perl and more important;y python for the development of large scale scripts.

However, a large number of “tricks” and existing scripts makes shell scripts still a viable option for many developers. In addition it has the advantage that it will be immediately available after the install of the OS, thus it is of great help in case of managing distributed machines.

Variants of shells exist that can execute the same command in parallel on multiple distributed machines which comes in handy for cluster management.


  1. Write a shell script that prints you username and lists the files in your home directory.
  2. Write a shell script that converts all jpg files to png. (If you copy the example form please make sure to walk through the example and understand in detail the syntax and the meaning of the program).
  3. Search in our page for the term “pdsh”