courseimg Spring 2015 - Big Data Open Source Software Project (BUEX-V 594)

Although this material is prepared for the classes IU BUEX-V 594, they are of general interest to others. Please use them to learn about BigData Software and Technologies.

Office Hours

General Discussions

  • Wednesday 8 pm
  • Thursday 9 am

Support Office Hours

Office hours are conducted on appointment onle during the times given bellow. Please send mail to

  • Tuesdays 9-10 am
  • Wednesday 7-8 pm
  • Thursday 10-11 am


We have to help students on course. Technical issues, course projects or web site will be supported.

Please contact additional instructors for help:

For problems with FutureSystems please email Be aware that the instructors are not recipients of emails sent to so make sure to carbon copy then otherwise they will not be aware of your issue. Additionally, make sure that the instructors are carbon copied on your replies.


Please be aware that questions addressed to staff should be sent between 9am and 4pm on business days. Questions outside those hours may not be addressed until the following business day. Please keep this in mind and start working on your assignments early.

Technical issues, course projects or web site will be supported.

Weekly Plan

Besides this table of contents, we also have prepared a weekly plan to which we will add more content throughout the semester:



Office hours will be held so that students may receive individual attention from instructors. Additionally, hours will be made available for general discussions.

Discussions will be done using Adobe Connect. Make sure you are prepared to join the meeting by click on the following links:

  1. Adobe Connect Setup Instructions:
  2. Installing Adobe Connect Plug-In:
  3. Testing Connectivity:



You can join the meeting by clicking on this link.


All times are in US Eastern Standard Time.

Additionally, there may be some technical issues when attempting to join a meeting, please see the following for guidance.

For the Participants

In order to facilitate the use of Adobe Connect, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you have Flash and Cookies enabled in your web browser
  • Install the Connect plugin and authorize it
  • You will need authorization from the host in order to speak. Do so by clicking the hand icon to notify them of your intent.
  • If you need to share your screen you will need to be a presenter.
  • During screen sharing, it is best to share a second monitor. Otherwise you will not be able to see the Connect page.

For the Hosts

When creating a meeting with Connect you may wish to ensure permissions allows access to the room and participants to speak.

  • allow access: create the meeting with permissions set to allow anyone with the link to join.
  • enabling microphone: the default setting requires participants to notify hosts that they wish to speak. The host then has to enable to microphone for all participants. Alternatively, upon creation of the meeting, a host can enter, go to Meeting ---> Preferences ---> Audio Conference and check the “Allow participants to use Microphones” box.

IT Operations - Automation and Orchestration

Other Technologies