Cloudmesh IaaS abstratcions provides a convenient set of interfaces to various clouds. Currently we focus on virtual machine management, but a future version will include other services.


The Cloudmesh core interfaces include

API:A python API that simplifies access to clouds while being able o use the native cloud protocols and not just an EC2 compatibility mode (e.g. as is provided by libcloud or boto). However, we are also providing an EC2 interface based on libcloud, making it possible to integrate easily the many clouds supported by it.
Shell:A command shell allows easy interaction with various clouds using simple commands. As the commands can be included in scripts, it can also help to formulate simple experiment templates.
Commands:The shell commands can also be used on the Unix command line, making it possible to integrate cloudmesh features into the unix ecosystem.
Web UI:On FutureGrid, we are providing an example for a hosted mode of Cloudmesh. See https://futuregrid.org/cloudmesh
Console UI:It is possible to host Cloudmesh on your own computer. This may be desirable if you would like to customize the interfaces or develop support for additional platforms. We would like to hear back from you if you use it in this fashion. We are also interested in integrating your new components and features into Cloudmesh. If you would like to become a developer, please contact laszewski@gmail.com
iPython:We are currently developing a set of simple examples to let users know how easy it is to use the API.

Integration of External Clouds

Currently we support the native OpenStack and the EC2 protocols. This allows you to integrate a large number of clouds, not just FutureGrid Cloud resources. However, some clouds require use of a certificate. In this case you can talk to us.

We have successfully demonstrated integration with:

  • OpenStack Grizzly clouds, an example is sierra.futuregrid.org
  • EC2 OpenStack cloud, an example is alamo.futuregrid.org
  • HP Cloud East
  • HP Cloud West
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Azure (standalone mode)
  • AWS (standalone mode)

Although we have demonstrated that it is possible to integrate with Cloudmesh we have not yet exposed this feature by default. Users are welcome to try it.

Open Source

Apache:Cloudmesh is distributed with the Apache 2.0 license
Github:Cloudmesh is hosted on github.gom. More information is provided at our github page.
Bugs:You can submit bugs through the FutureGrid help page at https://portal.futuregrid.org/help.